Thursday, 24 April 2014

Me? Master of social sciences? Whoa.

So, some of you guys wanted to hear more about my master thesis. I am a bit early with my graduating, but I think it's just better. I really can't understand how some people manage to hang at the university so long, I am getting so bored since I am running out of courses. That was the main reason for me to start to do my master so early. With very little effort (reading some books and then writing an essay) I have done all the necessary courses for this year, and I fell I've been SO lazy. But, only courses I have to take any more are the practical one (ongoing), one or two philosophy courses (probably I'll do them next spring after master thesis is done) and two courses from sociology. That's it, my carieer at the uni.

But again to the subject. I'll study metal sub-culture in my master thesis, and furthermore satanism and so called "metal satanism". It is a term developed by Merja Hermonen, a academic from theology who did her doctoral thesis about Satan worshipping and she divided satanism into different classes and metal satanism is one of them. In a nutshell, according to Hermonen metal satanism is a ideological form of music, that takes influences from Scandinavian and other heroic mythologies and critises the humanity, faith and religion. However, I did not buy the term "satanism", since this category included myself and I don't want to be called satanist or any kind of -ist. I started to wonder, wether other people within this category felt the same I did and there it was, question and the subject for my thesis. My professor really liked my idea and atm I have send the interviews and got couple of them back. I need to do one more essay about my thesis and the plan about the study process.

The best thing of course is the literature I'll use. Lords of chaos, Evolution of the cult...can't get much better.

Do you have some questions about this process? I am more than happy to answer :)

Ps. I probably have not told you about my latest hobby? I started my burlesque carieer couple of months ago and now I've done two shows. This is just fan-tastic! If you would loke to learn more about my alter ego, Olivia Occulto, her page can be found on Facebook:

All the burlesque stuff is the main reason I have not written for a long time. It is just brilliant, fun..and very consuming :D All I want to do is craft pasties endlessly, or plan new shows. Dear God, I hope this is only a phaze because if I am this crazy about showing my boobs 24/7, I'll never get my thesis done.