Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Hammer Open Air 2013

Hi fellas, long time no see! I've been and I sure as hell will be quite busy for next three weeks, since we are going to move to Oulu. Past 2 weeks I've travelled and spent some time at Turku, working and also having fun at my favourite festival.

Hammer Open Air was now arranged for the fourth time. Why is it my favourite? Well, it's nice and cozy, not too big (just about 1000 persons per day) and prices are very reasonable. And of course all the people make the occasion very special, I never meet all my friends and make new ones as often.

In this picture I am hanging with my dear friends Daemiana and Elzy. I already miss those lovely ladies <3

I had some melon-scented cleaning wipes with me, and they were a huge hit amongst all the metalheads :D

 Here's my outfit from Friday. The hoodie is bought from Etsy (surprise...) and it's crafted by the seller. I like it!

Second outfit and the top is seen on an older post (Lip Service). Combat boots are my the most trustworthy partner on festivals, I practically live in them for the whole summer!

Monday, 15 July 2013

What I actually listen part 1.

I thought that besides for you it would be nice to have some kind of diary about the music I listen. My taste of music varies and is almost circular, it depends really on my overall moods and also seasons. Summertime is just perfect for old Finnish rock classics and then again in winter I like to listen more depressing black metal and so on. But for now, here are some of my favourites ATM:

Depeche Mode - Nothing's impossible

God Seed - Alt liv

What can I say, Ghaal's new project took my heart <3

Behexen - Shining Death

I've sadly never been able to see Behexen on stage, but hopefully it's going to change. Anyhow, this is my favourite from their new album.

Happy Days - Take me away

One of my new findings

Slayer - Disciple

Can't wait to see them again at Jalometalli!

Sandra - In the heat of the night

Something shocking for the grande finale, I LOVE these sounds! 80's rock/pop <3

I'm not sure when I will post again, I'm off since Thursday since I am going to have some good time with my lovely friends. The event is of course Hammer Open Air, and if someone of you will be there also I would be more than happy if you honored me with a "hey" or something like that. But, until next time!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

I'm with the band

Or at least wiht one of the members :D So, on Thursday we packed the car and headed to Lakselv, on the shore of Arctic Ocean. The event was the northernmost rock festival, Midnattsrocken. It was freezing, although I am from north too it was so windy and that's something I am not used to. Well, my part was easy but poor guys had to go on the stage and suffer from the cold :D

I took some pictures while guys were doing soundcheck. The gig is on the video, although it's not very good since I had nothing to place camera on and insted try to keep it steady by just hands.. hard work, have to tell you.

 The view was not bad at all, fell in Finland look like just piles of rock compared to the mountains in Norway.
 The main stage was causing some serious worry for the crew, because it was so windy that they thought Nightwish could not perform at all. I went to see the gig and they plaeyed some songs from Wishmaster, which is my number one from them! Embarressing part was that I had had WAY too many beers when I went to meet and greet them on backstage but as they play on several metal festivals maybe they just are used to wasted drunk fans :D

View from back of the stage. The size was just perfect, if you ask me. The band could easily fill the space and they had chance to move if the wanted to.

Umm, this is the reason we were quite tired the on the following morning. We asked hell lot of beverages to the backstage (which was a very cool tiipii!) and they actually provided everything...and a bit more. :D But we managed to get back home and all in all, it was a very good trip and the gig itself was really good, thanks for the wonderful audience that were nothing like the people in Finland, they actually dared to enjoy!

And the band? It's called Ravage Machinery and they are now recording their upcoming debute album. If you fancy death metal, you just might like what's coming up! But for now, here is their latest music video.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Hooray to Horror Shop!

The story behind this shirt is quite ridicilous. I ordered it in...May? Yup, late May it was and received it now. You could easily think that I would be quite pissed with the shop but no way. The customer service was superb, they even sent me another shirt when I had not received first one in 3 weeks. The reason why it took so long to get the shirt was that even though I ordered it to my current address, they had in their database my old (really old) address I hadn't changed and the post office kept sending the package to my old addresses until it finally got into the right one. Phew!

But the shirt was SO cool that now I finally have it I don't mind waiting. :3

 Print filled with attitude!
 Viking did not fancy the bloody lady, he's weird.

And let me just clarify, this post is not sponsored by any kind of way. I just wanted to tell you about my very good experience of buying from Horror Shop and I only can recommend it to anyone who fancies cool t-shirts and other weird stuff. So, if that sounds good to you just have a CLICK to the shop.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

New shoes, new shoes, new shoes!

Ten points for the one who knows from which tv-show I stole my headline! I just happened to find the pair I managed to miss when they were on sale so that was very fortunate. But, now I'm not so sure about them, they are so fricking HIGH. Maybe I just give them a chance before I sell them...

Oh, hey! I have a huge piece of news for you! I'm moving to Oulu! My bf aka Viking starts to study there and I am moving with him. That means hell lot of arragement for me, but that's ok. My studies are luckily at the point where I can do pretty much things by myself, but that also means that I need to start study at home. Oh geez. But anyway, happy news! My dear friend Daemiana happens to live in Oulu as well, so now we can see each other way more often than now.

The shoes.

I like the futuristic yet feminine look of these shoes, but once I have the chance to use them I can tell for sure whether I will keep then or not.

Here's a small nice treat for you:

Monday, 1 July 2013

My partner in time, mr. Hedggie!

Some of you have asked a post about my pet, mr. Hedggie. He is super cute but not too friendly, he is... edgy :D But totally adorable either way and that's why I wanted to tell you something about him.

Mr. Hedggie is awake mainly at nightime, but sometimes you can see him just wandering around in his cage. He hates to take baths and get his nails cut but after couple of snacks he is just fine.

He loves mealworms, silk worms and other stuff you can eat. Boiled egg is a wonderful treat, too. He likes very much to run around in our house (100 squaremeters) and hide in all places possible. I personally don't appreciate it too much, since it's very hard work to try to find him, but as lond as he's happy, I okay with it.

He likes to take a nap in my lap, although it's very hard to keep him satisfied because every little movement makes him hiss. Once in a while I take him with me into my parents bed, where he can just hang around and do his things.

Here's a strange fact: Mr. Hedggie has a serious thing with smelly armpits. Yep, it's rather disgusting. Also all kinds of hairy things make him go just crazy. So very masculine armpit...I think you can imagine what I mean. After a nice sweatty armpit session he starts to make foam ou of his own drool. Lovely.

Mr. Hedggie says thank you and see you soon!