Monday, 4 August 2014

Blurry life

My life is so damn hectic atm. I just travel most of the time from one place to another - it seems too hard to settle down anywhere. I also love the feeling of GOING somewhere. The little itch when you know, that the next few days are going to be full of new places, new people and it feels so refreshing. I can't stop myself from snapping a billion photos onto the Instagram just for the need to share those precious moments with the people I know. I want to tell them that this is me, although it has been hidden for the last 4 years. It was so good to feel like myself again, after all those years filled with anxiety and the feeling of being lost, not being the girl I really am.

And then who I am? According this very cute Facebook test I am like Peter Pan. And yup, that's how I feel like and always have felt. Untamed, wild, hungry for memories to cherish and sharing them with the people close to you. Desperatly consious of all the bad things in the world, but still trying to enjoy it. Achingly aware of my short time on this planet, and trying to do my very best to get everything the world has to offer for me. In good, but also the bad.

Now I would love to share some of my Insta-highlights with you guys. Just remember:

"But we have only one life to live, just one opportunity
And failure is not the end of the world, that's just society!"
(Woods of ypres - Career suicide)