Thursday, 31 October 2013

Preparations for Halloween party!

I did some preparations for our upcoming Halloween party, these are edible decorations. What do you think?

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Hipster monkey

I mentioned earlier that I had a huge style crisis. Well, today I picked up my order from H&M and felt comfy yet a bit strange in these clothes. But, rather these than all the fancy pvc stuff I used to wear. The were not too practical considering the arctic conditions up here.

 My purchase included velvet leggings, checkered shirt and black chiffon blouse. All of them ver nice indeed!
 This is how I usually look when I'm at my place: driking coffee, loads of it!
All the best outfit pictures are funny, I think I should take  all of them with my pole!

We have our house warming party (combined with Halloween theme) on Saturday and I can't wait! Have not seen some of my dearest friends in ages and at least one of them is coming.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

La fée verte

Absinthe, propably the most notorious beverage there is. And I want to drink it! But centairnly not for the same reasons I am used to drink alcohol. I want to collect different qualities and test them, not only for the taste but also with different methods. At least the French way and the Bohemian way are on my list.

You lucky people from Central Europe! It's impossible to get any proper absinthe from Scandinavia. That's why I had to order my bottle from Germany. I also ordered a spoon and two glasses since my friend (who actually is a absinthe enthusiast) recommended to do so to get all mixing working as it should be.

I think I will post about my tasting sessions with some photos but for now I have a question for you: Do you guys like absinthe? How you like to enjoy your drink? Where do you get it from?

Picture from here

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Galactic wolf

I was all astonishment when I paid a visit to a local K-Mart (well, a Finnish version of it) and found a nicest shirt ever! You should never underestimate your chances to find lovely clothes from very unusual places.

My love for nature themed articles just grows stronger. I'd love to fill my life with trees, crows, wolves and just about everything that has something to do with nature. I guess it's because I used to live midst of it.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Loads of pics

Sorry guys, this time I have too much to show you so I decided to spam all the pics I have on my posting list right now :D So here we go:

Today postman brought me the most fancy leggings I've ever seen! They were expensive (never thought I would pay so much for long-johns) but they are just superb.

These are from Object and first I thought that they were too expensive and decided to wait before purchasing but suddenly they were all sold out and I managed to get the last pair from a foreign store. And I'm  happy I did.

Lately I've been thinking whether I should take Mr.Hedggie with me to Oulu. But, I think it's best for him to stay at my parents because there is lots of room for him to wander around ans also he's made himself home there so it would be cruel to take him away. So, let him be there and munch mealworms. It makes him happy. <3

Just look at him!

He is not the most co-operative when taking pictures. Bloody animal.

I have also dyed my hair, tried to get them more reddish and less black. Now their state is almost there, but not quite yet. I tend to get bored woth black but over and over again want it back. Currently my hair are just so damaged that I won't use any more blonding, just try to get them in better condistion. We'll see.

 Here's my outfit from... Saturday. We went to raid some flea markets with Batsinthe Belfry and I wanted to wear skirt since I've not worn one in...ages.

First snow fell today but now it's almost gone. I'm just watching people posting photos from north and feeling jelaous. I need some frost here!

Friday, 11 October 2013

biker chic

civilised metal chic

civilised metal chic

Karen Millen wool shirt

Gucci tank top

River Island black short shorts
$24 -

AllSaints heel booties

Genie by Eugenia Kim beanie cap

Liebeskind brown leather belt
$88 -

Fingerless glove

The reason I have not posted in a while is that I've  had so much in my mind lately. One of those things is that I don't feel like myself anymore in very gothic clothing. This is kinda disturbing since it's been my style for over 5 years now and very distinguish for me.

So what is the style I feel my own right now? I just made an purchase to H&M and it contains just regular things: checkered shirt, velvet leggings, chiffon shirt etc. I think that now I'd love to wear clothes that are something between gothic and hipster. More hippie you could say.

Anyway, I tried to look for pictures that might clear up what I am trying to tell you.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

This is how I study

How embarrassing. I've spent last 5 or so months doing absolutely NO any kind of studying. And now when I SHOULD do something school-related? Well, this is how it went.