Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Meet Ms. Occulto and some news

I promised to share more photos with you as soon as I get them. These were taken for a local magazine, as an advertisement for our burlesque group Midnight Sun Burlesque since we are performing on the Old Market-event in Rovaniemi. Theme was naturally old times and especially the War of Lapland. I tried my very best! All photos are taken by Kimmo Pallari/Roi Foto, thanks!

 Clothing: A vintage dress (it was my great-aunts!), mom's shoes and my brothers military cap.

Clothing: Skirt made by my mother (in 70's I think), apron also made by mom, shirt made by a relatives wife in 70's. All vintage!

And then the news. I broke up with my bf, moved back to live with my parents for a while and now I am just wondering what the hell I am going to do with my life, how an Earth I'll find the motivation to continue my master thesis and will I ever get a job and grow up. I am actually not sad, just pissed up, big time. Luckily I have Mr. Hedggie by my side <3

Taking a nap. Just look at those tiny plumpy paws! <3 _____ <3

So this is what I've been up lately. Some nice things as well: been working like crazy so in a minute I'll get a nice pile of cash, all the burlesque things are super exciting and I've got tickets for THREE festivals! Phew. Life is not good atm, but I'll try my very best to enjoy it.