Thursday, 30 January 2014

Lovely oddities

You may have noticed that I do have a great love for bones, antlers, taxidermies and so on (although, I would never want to get a fetus in a jar, that's way too creepy). What makes almost every piece in my collection so special is that they are collected straight from the nature. Crow skull is bought from artist but hence that I have found them from the wild. Like these lovely antlers.

EDIT: Some other pics, too. Now that I have a chance to put them here in the same post. Jesus Christ how I hate bad Internet connections sometimes. In the small village my parents live you should sometimes turn into a magician to get yourself online...

Monday, 20 January 2014

Blurry pics and blurry thoughts about shopping

These winter days drive me nuts. There is hardly any proper light and my pics go instantly fricking blurry. Well, the point is to show you I don't actually need anymore ANY clothing or shoes so maybe these photos will serve the purpose.

 My t-shirts, tops, longsleeves etc. Plenty of those.
 More longsleeves, vests, jackets.
Boots. New Rocks, bikers, New Rocks, combat boots, sneakers and moccasins. Heels are missing, I've got 4 more pairs of them. Plenty of shoes I'd say.

Conclusion? I don't NEED anything. What I WANT is different thing. But, since my own consuming makes me feel anxious these days, I made a promise to myself. Here it comes:

1. Don't buy anything you don't need. If something gets broken, missing etc you can buy new one, but unless that don't buy anything you already have.

2. Instead, why not spend your money on experiences? Gigs, festivals, u name it. Rather than just material thing you don't use or need.
Pic from HERE

3. Try to enjoy other things in life. For example, I will pay a visit to home on next weekend and I can't wait. There is Mr. Hedggie, mum and dad, little brother and all little things I love. Like daddy's quiet steps in mornings when he is trying not to wake you up, moment's of joy when you are watching BBC series with dad on sofa, baking with mum, little brother when he is trying to annoy you and you know it's only because he missed you so much.

4. Feel good that your recent purchases have been second hand or bought straight from Etsy and made by one person, not just bunch of kids in India. You have bought quality and are allowed to feel good about it.

5. For the rest of 2014, I will no buy anything unnecessary. This includes make up, other cosmetics, shoes, clothing, jewellery etc. If I want something I can ask it for a birthday present etc. 

In a nutshell, I am so tired of this modern mentality when it comes to shopping. As if it was okay just to spend money on things you don't need? Why not buy good will? I intend to save my money and instead of buying loads of crap I want to consider carefully where to spend.

For example, tattoos are not waste of money. At least not for me.

Recently I've done some shopping and maybe I'll show some of them for you as well, but for now it does not feel good to get any more stuff. I've also made a major clear out in my closet and put loads of things on sale just to get rid of them. 

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Diy chloride dying

 Once in a while I get some ideas I just HAVE to put in practice. One of these was this dress which I haven't used for... ages. Now with some post apocalypse vibe it seems much more wearable than before! All I needed was a bottleful of chloride.
 I also bleached pair of jeans, but I am not sure yet wether I should decorate them with some studs and textile paint. We'll see. I've got some more of these DIY-projects. At some point I need to dye one military handbag and maybe sew some patches on it. Until then, stay tuned!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Welcome to my crib

Honestly, I have been living here for 6 months and until now did not have the inspiration to do the sneak peek to our home. Well, batter later than never I guess.

This is not a batcave. It's a utter fucking Chaos A.D. But it requires a genius to control a chaos or what? Mostly the chaos is consequence of my bf's travelling from the city to another and my part is just to try deal with it. But I am holding up quite well here!

So let's start. Some of these pics are bit blurry because of the shitty light and my camera (thanks Jolla).

Stairwell, really creepy during the night time. Brrrr.

What can I say, welcome to our place! (Bag of bottles in the pic as well...)

Our cute bathroom. Detailed with bloody decorations!

Kitchen. We don't actually use the dining table, I just wanted to get one :D Love those curtains, I have filled our home with those tree silhouettes...

 Detal drom living room, this is actually the only thing I dared to take a picture of. Everything else is so messy atm :D Here is my bf's drinking horn, my antler candle holder and my moth <3
 Door the the treasurie aka. warderobe. Gentlemen from Watain greet me every morning!
 I_have_too_much_clothes. Period.

I collect pretty bottles, here are some of them.

My precious, my darling, my faithful and loyal friend. Bed <3

And, if I don't need to exit from home this is how I usually look like. An alien!

Friday, 3 January 2014

New ink!

Just a quick "Hi there" for you guys, atm I am sick due to the huge amount of stress in December and constant travelling around the country. Once I got back to my place I cought a flu, yay. But here is my new baby! <3