Thursday, 27 March 2014

Style insiration for spring/summer 2014

As years have gone by, I have noticed some changes in my thoughts about style and clothes. First: comfortable is the key word. I don't enjoy my evening sitting in a corset I cannot breathe in (hence the burlesque events) or shoes that are just killing my feet. Nope, I want to wear nice clothes I feel comfortable in and the most important: clothes that tell who I am.

My style inspirations atm are:

-Occult, schock. I just love all these draped jersey stuff they are selling in every place. I made a small order to H&M webstore, and it included:

 This tunic is almost like a tarot card. I liked it and will wear it with leather leggings and combat boots.

I am most likely too damn short for this dress but I will try it!

-Rings! Loads of them! I saw these stone-like rings on H&M and they were not too expensive. Come to mama.

Even more rings, I liked the combination of silver, gunmetal

All pics ahead are from

-Large hoods, paganic dresses and tops

This is from Gina Tricot, I saw one alike on H&M but they were sold out. I was desperate to find similar one somewhere and finally found it from GT. Pic from

Inspirational person right now is Lydia Deetz <3

Pic from:
Pic from:

Oh man this master thesis is killing me. First of 3 essays is now done, 3 more to go and 30 pages to write. My subject is metal satanism (according one researcher) and do the people within black metal-scene think this is a proper concept to describe themselves or their relationshio to the music they listen to. Well that was one monster for a sentence, but in a nutshell that's what I am doing my thesis about. Right now I am going through all the possible literature about black metal, and atm I own three books: Lords of Chaos, Blod eld och död and my latest baby:

I think that with these studies and my own I will be able to graduate from sociology, finally.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

10 meaningful albums-challenge

I got this challenge ages ago from lovely Horros and finally I have the time and inspiration to do this. Here we go. 10 meaningful albums of my life.

1. Queen - A night at the opera

I can't describe how much I love Queen's music. It's full of expression, So powerful and yet so vulnerable. What kind of musician the whole world lost when Freddie died, R.I.P dear fella.

2. Nightwish - Wishmaster

This music was actually my first touch into the metal music. I remember when I got this album on my birthday and since that I played it over and over again. At the age of 10 :3 My teacher started to cry when I took this album to school, she was... well, a fanatic Christian.

3. Tori Amos - Little Earthquakes

I remember listening this album when I was on 3rd class of high school. Not good time for me, I was really sick and so tired. This album gave me some strenght back then.

4. Diablo - Eternium

Diablo was actually my first step into the darker, harder metal. I was...16 years old when I first started to listen this kind of music. So it was not anymore hc-teenage angst, thank God :D It was mostly because of my boyfriend I got into the metal music but I am happy for it. This music has given me so much, friends, life, strength to be my own self.

 I could not find the full album, but here's one track from it!

5. Gorgoroth - Antichrist

This band was propably my first touch to black metal. I heard it and it had me. Still on that (left hand) path theehee! :D

6. Satyricon - Volcano

This band was with Gorgoroth first bm-bands I started to listen regularly. Satyricon is not so my thing anymore, but I remember my first bm-gig, it was Satyricon's and I loved it with my every cell!

7. Archgoat - Whore of Betlehem

Once I got known to bm, that was it. I knew it was SO my thing. It escalated with this album, even after all these years this album gets me excited! (not in THAT way you filthy-minded darklings)

8. God Seed - I begin

Gaahl.I am a hopeless fan girl, do I need to say anything more?

9. Burzum - Filosofem

I think that this album does not need any excuses. It's just brilliant in every possible way.

10. Spice Girls- Spiceworld.

I rest my case.


 This takes me to the fantasy world in which I wish to live in.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Pics from the past

Hi there. I've been gone for ages but now I feel like it is time to come back. But in a nutshell, I was so lost with my future, what should I do when I feel horribly miserable in my current city and all I do is long back to the north. I almost moved back to my home but then again it is time for me to stop running away all the problems that I and no one else has developed for oneself. It does not matter where I live, these things just keep haunting me for rest of mylife if I don't stood up and face them. So, I decided to stay. I don't want to live so far away from my Viking (<3) and then again I am so used to live in town so in a long term the country-living would drive me nuts since all I got to do is just my master thesis and nothing else. Well, I am going to spend some time at my parents since I've got a job for summer and September, but the rest of my summer is most likely going to be very busy with travelling around Finland and cooking festival food for hungry, drunk people :D

But, the point if this post is my past that is fortunately only past now. I used to be very sick just 5-6 years ago and these photos are from that era.

At these times I was nothing but skin and bones and sure as hell I don't miss this. Sometimes I feel anxious about my weight but then again I try to remember how much I have to be grateful of. I am healthy, I've got two legs and pair of arms, I can walk and function like a  human being is supposed to. I need to cherish and love my body and give every possible attention for it. It has deserved it.