Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Die Todten reiten schnell

...but I won't. Long time no see, huh? During my no-so-planned break I've been...

-doing loads of burlesque shows! I am SO alive once I step onto the stage. For this autumn I still have three more shows to do, one of them on next Saturday HERE. If you are in Rovaniemi and still don't know what to do, head to our awesome burlesque event. I've seen almost all the performances and I can promise a great variety within performances.

-started a new relationship! And never been happier, can't almost believe how easy it can be with someone. No stress, no anxiety. Just pure happiness. For now :D But, furtheron I shall call him Mr. Hearse (yes, he DOES have one!!!). What else. Well, other great stuff about him (alongside with the hearse, heehee) is that he really gets my weirdness and does not feel uncomfortable with all my skulls and bones, actually he found a fox skull and brought it to me, how romantic is that? He really likes old horror movies, old American cars and LOVES the fact that I do burlesque. Match made in...hell-ish I guess.

-Did some DIY! I found these cherubs from flea and instantly got an idea to decorate them "a bit". Here they are:

Here still on progress. And then...

Meet my boys. Have to say, I am quite pleased how they turned out!

Mr. Hedggie is still just chillin' and rollin' on. Yesturday he slept quite a bit on my lap, and I just couldn't resist taking a photo. He's been living here with us for...almost three years and I still am amazed how adorable he is.

He really is my darling.

I've also hunted! Did not get the moose I wanted, but two hazel grouses and one black grouse met their end with my shotgun. RIP all of you.

I have two shows on Saturday's Halloween special, and this is one of those two. The other one...includes some bones. We'll see. :D

For the very end, I'd love to share a Nemi strip with you. This was posted on my Facebook. Can't imagine why...