Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Facts about me

1. My mom is OBSESSED with organizing things. Well, I am not. And atm we are having a fight about it :D

2. I hate leak.

3. I freak out if I see a clown, thanks to movie "It"

4. I rarely remember any of my dreams and when I do, they are 100% fucked up.

5. I was a huge Nirvana-fangirl at high school

6. I love funny things, like picking up cool stuff from the ground (pins, stickers, u name it), squeezing blueberries until they burst all the juice, the feeling when you get your socks off and slip your feet under the blanket...

7. I am impulsive and I get quickly tired of everything. Wonder why I have screwed up so many relationships? :D

8. Then again I am super loyal to my dearest friends and to my family. For example, I travelled through the night and over 900 km just to see my friend since I knew she needed me.

9. I am pessimist, cynical and kinda misanthropic. But still, I yearn to love and to be loved. Atm only by Mr. Hedggie, but he is doing a great job <3

10. I have started to eat more fish. I have lived by a lake for my entire_life and I just hated the smell and taste of fish. This is on progress..