Monday, 16 December 2013

Ink is what I am

Hello again! Today is my... 2nd day off in my 22 days of work and I was ought to spend it in my bed, taking back all those lovely hours without sleep. But here I am, nothing but asleep. I don't have pictures of my recent purchases, since they are mostly really sensible like woolen sweater from armyshop (love it, absolutely brilliant in winter). But I also made a reservation for a tattoo, my oh so faithful artist is hopefully just as excited about the upcoming art as I am. I will get Durin's Bane, one of all the Balrogs tattooed on my thigh. It's gonna hurrrrrrt so bad.

Before I can show yoou my latest piece, I want to share my current tattoos with you.

 This was done...2012? At Ironbeard Tattoo, Rovaniemi by Jari Partanen. Skull, an hourglass and some biomechanic.
 Done in...2009. Have always loved mermaids, and wanted to get a classy one. She should be fixed at some point, though. Artist Kimmo Venäläinen.
 Latest tattoo, a Ring Wraith! Artist Erika Suihkonen, Ironbeard Tattoo, Rovaniemi.
 Butterflies were done in 2008, but re-coloured 2013 and at the same time I got the moths done. Redone and moths by Jari Partanen.
These wings were my first tattoo, but I got them redone in 2013 (same time with the chest tattoos). Redone by Jari Partanen.
My most beloved one. This tat got also into the local newspaper! :D Symbolises my roots here in up north, my home. Artist Jari Partanen.

Don't never, EVER get a tattoo at festivals etc. I got the first version of this when I was a bit drunk blablablah. The old story. But again, Jari saved me and did some of his magic and now I could not be more happier with my goat <3

And for last, a very old pic of me without ANY ink! I look very...naked.


  1. Ah, upeita tatskoja! Haluis itekin hakea lisää mutta tuntuu että rahat menee aina johonkin muuhun ja kun ei oo oikein ketään luottotatskaajaa niin ei saa aikaseks mentyy kyselee mistään mitään. Ehkä jossain vaiheessa sitä rohkaistuu, kun ideoita olis vaikka muille jakaa! :D

    1. Jos nyt alottaisin puhtaalta pöydältä niin varmaan merenneito jäis ottamatta, mutta toisaalta seki vaan muistuttaa siitä että mitä silloin on joskus ollut ja tapahtunut. Yhtään tatuointia en kadu ja on tulossa vielä monta lisää :D aina kun irtoaa massia jostain niin aikaa varaileen :D

  2. Such cool tats and the Ringwraith is the tattoo that brought me here.
    I have a saying in elvish on my inner forearm and want something else from LOTR

    All the way from South Africa :)

    1. Ringwraith is probably my favourite piece, really worth for all the pain :3