Thursday, 27 March 2014

Style insiration for spring/summer 2014

As years have gone by, I have noticed some changes in my thoughts about style and clothes. First: comfortable is the key word. I don't enjoy my evening sitting in a corset I cannot breathe in (hence the burlesque events) or shoes that are just killing my feet. Nope, I want to wear nice clothes I feel comfortable in and the most important: clothes that tell who I am.

My style inspirations atm are:

-Occult, schock. I just love all these draped jersey stuff they are selling in every place. I made a small order to H&M webstore, and it included:

 This tunic is almost like a tarot card. I liked it and will wear it with leather leggings and combat boots.

I am most likely too damn short for this dress but I will try it!

-Rings! Loads of them! I saw these stone-like rings on H&M and they were not too expensive. Come to mama.

Even more rings, I liked the combination of silver, gunmetal

All pics ahead are from

-Large hoods, paganic dresses and tops

This is from Gina Tricot, I saw one alike on H&M but they were sold out. I was desperate to find similar one somewhere and finally found it from GT. Pic from

Inspirational person right now is Lydia Deetz <3

Pic from:
Pic from:

Oh man this master thesis is killing me. First of 3 essays is now done, 3 more to go and 30 pages to write. My subject is metal satanism (according one researcher) and do the people within black metal-scene think this is a proper concept to describe themselves or their relationshio to the music they listen to. Well that was one monster for a sentence, but in a nutshell that's what I am doing my thesis about. Right now I am going through all the possible literature about black metal, and atm I own three books: Lords of Chaos, Blod eld och död and my latest baby:

I think that with these studies and my own I will be able to graduate from sociology, finally.


  1. Agreed! Finally some nice stuff is in fashion. Better hoard up before its all flowers and light pink again! :D

    1. Could not agree more. I am terrified just about a thought of those 105339 shades of pink...