Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Bones and antlers excite me

I made an amazing finding from the deep forest about a week ago. I was just doing my thing (planting those damned small trees) as I suddenly discovered something really nice and white in my sight. There was a skeleton of a reindeer, probably killed by a wolverine or a bear. Anyhow, I couldn' t resist these pieces of art and took them with me. I decided to wask them well and make something nice and pretty out of them. Any suggestions?

 This is how I started my project. I really don't have a clue how to do this right, but I simply put bones into a bowl of warm water and then added some really kick-ass cleaner. Chloride would be the best, I think.
 Here they are. All cleaned up nicely. There was one giant beetle who sneaked in the house with bones, eww. I let Mr. Hedggie eat it!

So pretty. I have some kind of a altar in my mind, these bones and some big candles on a black tablecloth. What do you think?


  1. Oh my...! <3 now that's something spectacular! I wish I could find some antlers in polish forests too, but it's sooooo hard, or even impossible.

    Do You have any tips on how to clean the bones? Bleach?

  2. Bones, antlers and candles are a great mix. Post photos of the results? :-D

    1. For sure! Now I actually have a great vision to put these in use, you'll see :)