Saturday, 29 June 2013

From the grave

This outfit was inspired by Wednesday Addams, graveyards and bugs from the depths of cold swamps. Annd can you guys guess, what have I done wearing this gorgeous outfit? I chased a goddamn rooster! Yup, we have 3 hens and one feather-brained rooster at our yard. We had totally different opinions about going back to the cage, so I had to run after it until I was sweatty and totally exhausted.Finally I reached it and managed to carry it back to the cage :D Man oh man, that must have been a sight...

Anyway, here's some pics!

Top is umm...Lip Service's Heart of darkness (range stretch fucking twill, am I right?), denim short's from Gina tricot and lache tights from a random shop.

Matchy match, tattoo and necklace :3 Necklace is surprisingly from Etsy.

Here's a cheery summer song for u guys!

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