Tuesday, 18 June 2013

This is it

So, I wasn't absent from the blogospehere (is it an urban word?) for too long. But! I actually did not plan this. This just happened. I was working today as I ALWAYS do on every single June since 2005, and it just popped into my mind. Why wouldn't I try again? But this time I wanted to do it in a different way. As you have noticed, this time I will be blogging only in English, because I did also have some international readers and it's really shitty to write in two different languages. And because Google translator sucks, big time. But, here I am, former Countess Báthory is now Alternative hippie and I think it suits me better now as I am not the same person I used to be.

But, here is some information about the  person I am now:

1. I am 20-something year old young woman from north. I really love it in here, and would really love to stay here. Like, for the rest of my life.

2. I have a hadgehog, he is an African pygmi and super cute albino gentleman. He is called hedgehog or Hedggie.

3. At the moment I am studying at the university but we'll see how it's going to turn out. Not so sure about it anymore.

4. I have done more mistakes in one year than in my whole life before that. But hopefully I have now learned enough and don't ever have to repeat my fails again.

5.It's not a surprise nor a secret that I am not mentally ok. Don't actually know yet, what's the actual problem, but it seems to have something to do with bipolar or borderline personality.

6. I have the most amazing boyfriend on earth, and I couldn't be more grateful for him. He is my own viking - as he has super long, blond hair and red beard ;)

7. I have been totally hateful, misanthropic son of a bitch, but nowadays I consider myself kind, you may say even friendly. Maybe I've grown up, don't know.

8. I love love LOVE black metal, but I also listen very various music - female artists like Lana del Ray and also grunge.

9. I also used to be an atheist, but now I think that it may be wiser not to say for sure anything about existence of God - or gods. Why should I?

10. I am not that phisolophic all the time, I promise. This blog will mainly tell about my daily life, people in it and of course about all the lovely things I admire!

Warm hug and grim welcome to all of you, new readers!

 Mr. Hedggie says hi! Or just puff.


  1. Haha omg youre kidding me?! Countess Báthory?! Thats exactly the what my cat is named! hahaha :D In her official papers, she is Countess Báthory :D (goes as Bebi in my blog)

    And I like your blog, and I'm glad youre updating in english! Makes it easier for some of us to follow :D (A trick is also to have your blogspot profile in english, so that when I press "enter" on this comment, it will say something in english, instead of Julkaise, which i have no idea what means.

    1. Omg thanks, I have not realized that it's also in finnish for u guys :D And warm welcome to my blog!!

  2. Aa hei vaan, sinulla onkin uusi blogi. Huomasin entisen blogisi lopetusviestinkin sillon joskus ja jäin kaipailemaan kirjoituksiasi. No nythän näitä on ja mielenkiintoiselle näyttääkin. :D Pitää liittyä muiden lukijoiden joukkoon.

    Ulkoasukin on mukavan simppeli ja musta-valkoinen värimaailma on selkeä. Otsikkokuvasta tuli ensimmäisenä mieleen jostain syystä Lone Ranger -elokuva. :D Sellaista pohjoista country meininkiä, sitä varmaan tässä on haettukin (?) :D

    1. Hei vaan ja teretulemast takasin! toivottavasti blogi ja sisältö miellyttää. :3 Lone Rangeria en ole nähnyt mutta kuulemma on katsomisen arvoinen leffa. Pohjoinen country kuulostaa tosin aika hyvältä.