Saturday, 14 September 2013

Party face

I think I had some kind of dysfunction in my brains when I promised my little brother that I would be driving if he'd like to go out. Well, he took the advantage of it and yesturday we went to Levi (it's a ski centre in the heart of Lapland, not too far from my home) and this is how I looked.

 I asked my mum if she could cut my side cut again and she did. Actually it only needed to be shortened but it got...oh well, bald again :D
 I tried to get the smokey eye-look but don't know wheter I succeeded or not. It didn't really matter since all the other people were so wasted :D
I got tired all the posing and did my very best to look silly. Have to admit, in these photos I have a portion of snus under my lip. Charming, isn't it?

1 comment:

  1. Kyllä tuo smokey eyes on minusta onnistuneen näköinen. :) Kivat värit olet valinnut. Hauska tuo viimeisen kuvan ilme! :D