Wednesday, 23 October 2013

La fée verte

Absinthe, propably the most notorious beverage there is. And I want to drink it! But centairnly not for the same reasons I am used to drink alcohol. I want to collect different qualities and test them, not only for the taste but also with different methods. At least the French way and the Bohemian way are on my list.

You lucky people from Central Europe! It's impossible to get any proper absinthe from Scandinavia. That's why I had to order my bottle from Germany. I also ordered a spoon and two glasses since my friend (who actually is a absinthe enthusiast) recommended to do so to get all mixing working as it should be.

I think I will post about my tasting sessions with some photos but for now I have a question for you: Do you guys like absinthe? How you like to enjoy your drink? Where do you get it from?

Picture from here

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