Thursday, 17 October 2013

Loads of pics

Sorry guys, this time I have too much to show you so I decided to spam all the pics I have on my posting list right now :D So here we go:

Today postman brought me the most fancy leggings I've ever seen! They were expensive (never thought I would pay so much for long-johns) but they are just superb.

These are from Object and first I thought that they were too expensive and decided to wait before purchasing but suddenly they were all sold out and I managed to get the last pair from a foreign store. And I'm  happy I did.

Lately I've been thinking whether I should take Mr.Hedggie with me to Oulu. But, I think it's best for him to stay at my parents because there is lots of room for him to wander around ans also he's made himself home there so it would be cruel to take him away. So, let him be there and munch mealworms. It makes him happy. <3

Just look at him!

He is not the most co-operative when taking pictures. Bloody animal.

I have also dyed my hair, tried to get them more reddish and less black. Now their state is almost there, but not quite yet. I tend to get bored woth black but over and over again want it back. Currently my hair are just so damaged that I won't use any more blonding, just try to get them in better condistion. We'll see.

 Here's my outfit from... Saturday. We went to raid some flea markets with Batsinthe Belfry and I wanted to wear skirt since I've not worn one in...ages.

First snow fell today but now it's almost gone. I'm just watching people posting photos from north and feeling jelaous. I need some frost here!


  1. Those leggings are gorgeous! I was going to guess they were from Black Milk. I have never ordered any leggings quite as fancy as that. Nice choice, love the spindly trees and raven. I don't think I've seen a white hedgehog like that. He is a handsome little fella! :-) Eventually I will dye my hair a similar shade of dark red I think. Too bad red fades so quickly.

    1. My weakness are tree silhouettes, so I just HAD to get these :D But have to admit that my addiction is getting bit too overwhelming, since I've covered our home with different kind of trees :D Mr. Hedggie says thanks, or rather just PUFF. Good luck with the hair project, I strongly suggest to invest in good conditioners, blonding really destroys your hair :<

  2. Omg, the hedgehog! *_* And your leggings are awesome!