Saturday, 13 July 2013

I'm with the band

Or at least wiht one of the members :D So, on Thursday we packed the car and headed to Lakselv, on the shore of Arctic Ocean. The event was the northernmost rock festival, Midnattsrocken. It was freezing, although I am from north too it was so windy and that's something I am not used to. Well, my part was easy but poor guys had to go on the stage and suffer from the cold :D

I took some pictures while guys were doing soundcheck. The gig is on the video, although it's not very good since I had nothing to place camera on and insted try to keep it steady by just hands.. hard work, have to tell you.

 The view was not bad at all, fell in Finland look like just piles of rock compared to the mountains in Norway.
 The main stage was causing some serious worry for the crew, because it was so windy that they thought Nightwish could not perform at all. I went to see the gig and they plaeyed some songs from Wishmaster, which is my number one from them! Embarressing part was that I had had WAY too many beers when I went to meet and greet them on backstage but as they play on several metal festivals maybe they just are used to wasted drunk fans :D

View from back of the stage. The size was just perfect, if you ask me. The band could easily fill the space and they had chance to move if the wanted to.

Umm, this is the reason we were quite tired the on the following morning. We asked hell lot of beverages to the backstage (which was a very cool tiipii!) and they actually provided everything...and a bit more. :D But we managed to get back home and all in all, it was a very good trip and the gig itself was really good, thanks for the wonderful audience that were nothing like the people in Finland, they actually dared to enjoy!

And the band? It's called Ravage Machinery and they are now recording their upcoming debute album. If you fancy death metal, you just might like what's coming up! But for now, here is their latest music video.

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