Friday, 5 July 2013

Hooray to Horror Shop!

The story behind this shirt is quite ridicilous. I ordered it in...May? Yup, late May it was and received it now. You could easily think that I would be quite pissed with the shop but no way. The customer service was superb, they even sent me another shirt when I had not received first one in 3 weeks. The reason why it took so long to get the shirt was that even though I ordered it to my current address, they had in their database my old (really old) address I hadn't changed and the post office kept sending the package to my old addresses until it finally got into the right one. Phew!

But the shirt was SO cool that now I finally have it I don't mind waiting. :3

 Print filled with attitude!
 Viking did not fancy the bloody lady, he's weird.

And let me just clarify, this post is not sponsored by any kind of way. I just wanted to tell you about my very good experience of buying from Horror Shop and I only can recommend it to anyone who fancies cool t-shirts and other weird stuff. So, if that sounds good to you just have a CLICK to the shop.


  1. That's a really cool shirt! I always think it's great when people are proud of where they are from and represent. I've heard of that site before,but I'm skimming now that you've provided the link.

    I seriously like your blog a lot. I just followed you! Hopefully we'll chat in the future about anything horror or macabre.

    If you wanna talk horror films, swing by my page.

    1. A huge "thank you" for your nice comment! I just checked your blog and started to follow as well, have to check if you have rated my favourite movies :3

  2. Tuossa paidassa on kyllä jotain sopivan nyrjähtänyttä. :D Ja osuvaakin.