Thursday, 4 July 2013

New shoes, new shoes, new shoes!

Ten points for the one who knows from which tv-show I stole my headline! I just happened to find the pair I managed to miss when they were on sale so that was very fortunate. But, now I'm not so sure about them, they are so fricking HIGH. Maybe I just give them a chance before I sell them...

Oh, hey! I have a huge piece of news for you! I'm moving to Oulu! My bf aka Viking starts to study there and I am moving with him. That means hell lot of arragement for me, but that's ok. My studies are luckily at the point where I can do pretty much things by myself, but that also means that I need to start study at home. Oh geez. But anyway, happy news! My dear friend Daemiana happens to live in Oulu as well, so now we can see each other way more often than now.

The shoes.

I like the futuristic yet feminine look of these shoes, but once I have the chance to use them I can tell for sure whether I will keep then or not.

Here's a small nice treat for you:

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